Gifts to The Foundation for the Diocese of Helena, Inc. are placed in an endowment fund chosen by the donor. These funds will perpetually serve the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Helena and its mission through the years to come. Only the income from investments of the endowment’s principal will be used to meet program and ministry needs. The principal itself will remain intact and stand in lasting memory to the love and caring support of those whose sacrifice contributed to the fund.

Primary Endowment Funds include:

Parish Endowment Fund –  Each parish in the Diocese of Helena has its own endowment that can provide a dependable source of funds to underwrite parish programs, operations, and ministries for which a parish can faithfully budget each year.

Bishop’s Pastoral Outreach Endowment Fund supports the Bishop’s ministry with funds to address the greatest religious and charitable needs of our Diocese.

Aid to the Needy provides assistance to the poor and most vulnerable in our Diocese.

Apostolic Mission Endowment Fund provides outreach and serves as a diocesan resource to address social justice issues.

Catholic Schools – Most Diocese of Helena Catholic schools have an endowment with the Foundation, providing a source of income for school use.

Clergy Senior Status and Security Trust Endowment – Established with the gifts of generous benefactors who fittingly saw the need to provide for those men, in retirement, who gave their all for Christ and His Church, distributions from this endowment are added to the trust.

Good Samaritan Ministries Endowment supports services to meet the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals and families of all faiths in the Helena area, especially those most in need. 

Guatemala Mission Endowment Fund provides a resource to assist with funding medical, educational and pastoral ministry to the Guatemalan people living in the area served by our Mission.

Lay Ministry and Diaconate Training Endowment Fund supports the education and training of the laity and deacons to assume the responsibilities of formal ministries in the Church.

Legendary Lodge Endowment supports Legendary Lodge, the diocesan camp and retreat facility on Salmon Lake.

Priestly Formation and Development Endowment – One of the first endowments established in the Foundation, distributions from the Priestly Formation and Development Endowment are used to provide for seminarian education as well as continuing education and vocation enrichment for our priests. Additionally, emergency assistance and priest retirement costs not covered by the Clergy Senior Status and Security Trust are supported by this endowment.

Seminarian Education Endowment provides an essential, and perpetual, source of revenue in support of the seminarians preparing to serve the Diocese of Helena.

Spiritual Growth and Renewal Endowment Fund supports the programs and institutions of the diocese that are resources for spiritual education, growth and renewal, such as Cursillo and Journey.

Youth & Young Adult Ministry and Formation Endowment – Initially funded with a percentage of the proceeds of the Son Light Celebration, income from the endowment supports the personnel and programs of the diocese which are resources for the formation, growth and renewal of our youth and young adults.

Endowment Funds that serve the entire state of Montana include:

Catholic Social Services of Montana Support of Birthmothers Endowment ( – Serving communities across Montana, Catholic Social Services is a licensed adoption agency working with young expectant parents in numerous capacities as well as couples praying to expand their families. They also provide counseling, intermediary services, and programs designed to heal the wounds caused by abortion. It is their goal to advocate for and respect life by serving the needs of babies, children, individual and couples by building and strengthening families in Montana.

Montana Catholic Conference Endowment ( – The Montana Catholic Conference serves as the public policy branch of the Catholic Church in Montana, and the liaison for Montana’s Roman Catholic bishops with state and federal government. Inspired by Scripture and Catholic social teaching, the conference seeks to advocate for the weak and vulnerable and act as a catalyst for the transformation of society.

Other Ideas to Consider:

Start a New “Named” Endowment (for example, a “Smith Family Endowment Fund” or “Jane Smith Memorial Endowment Fund”) to benefit a combination of ministries.

Start an Education Scholarship fund for local parishioners (the Foundation can assist you in setting up the scholarship program).